In line with King III the board has decided to accept the responsibility of formalising its information technological (IT) governance. To date IT has reported to the audit committee with regard to the findings of both the internal audit department and the external auditors.

At present the IT department is headed up by an experienced IT manager who reports back to management via the computer steering committee comprising the CFO, senior operations managers, the hardware and software specialists and other key employees in the business. Where appropriate executive directors are invited to attend the meeting and consulted on any salient matters that require their expertise.

The steering committee sits once a quarter where all matters concerning the operations of the IT department are debated. Plans, enhancements to the system, disaster strategies, resources both human and capital, integrity of information and other issues pertinent to IT are discussed in this forum.

The day-to-day system development, maintenance and operations are dealt with at weekly meetings throughout the year where all items raised are discussed and dealt with in order of priority.

In the ensuing year the board will embark on formalising the strategy, structure, policies and procedures of the IT department.