As a group, WBHO believes that long-term value for all its stakeholders will be created by adopting a holistic approach and, in this respect, has a variety of strategies and structures in place designed to promote constructive engagement with all stakeholders.



The group communicates with shareholders through SENS announcements, printed and electronic media releases, the publication of its financial results and at the annual general meeting. The group aims to improve returns to its shareholders in excess of the real growth in the economy and the construction sector in particular.


Internal communication with employees is achieved through electronic media, a quarterly newsletter and notice boards. Employees receive on-going and relevant training and education designed to ensure the sustainability of the group.


WBHO understands that repeated client satisfaction through the delivery of quality products and services are critical to the ongoing success of the group . The group endeavours to develop relationships with new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients through clear, honest and regular communication throughout all phases of a project.


The ability of suppliers and subcontractors to deliver has a major effect on the group’s projects. Through regular supplier audits the group assists suppliers in achieving desired levels of quality.


WBHO recognises that it has an obligation that extends beyond its stakeholders to society at large and has channelled its efforts into improving education and health. The group communicates with communities on issues such as environmental concerns relating to the group’s activities as well as when understanding their needs in determining a social investment intervention.