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A Leader in Sustainable Gold Mining

Leading Sustainable Gold Mining Company   Gold Fields is one of the world’s largest unhedged gold producers, with a strong commitment to its vision “To be the global leader in sustainable gold mining”. This video highlights some of the ways Gold Fields is demonstrating its commitment to safety, the environment, skills development,employee wellbeing, housing for families, schools and sports facilities, helping the handicapped and creating jobs and business opportunities for the community.
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South Africa

Gold Fields caring for its communities

South Deep, A Journey to Community Acceptance    
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South Deep, A Journey to Community Acceptance   Gold Fields South Deep Mine located in South Africa has the world’s second largest gold ore body and is a world class asset with a life-of-mine of over 70 years. This video highlights South Deep’s work in 2015 to understand its community risks, needs and perceptions and the strategic initiatives implemented to move from an approach focused on compliance to one focused on good practice. A clear strategy of community engagement has been implemented which is aimed at strengthening our community relations and building trust. This, together with our activities as a leader in sustainable gold mining, will build our social acceptance.
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Wits School of Mining Engineering

Wits School of Mining Engineering   Gold Fields’ investment in the Wits University School of Mining Engineering is expected to make a major contribution towards alleviating the skills shortages in the South Africa mining sector. The three-year, R18 million partnership includes the recently opened Gold Fields Engineering Library, equipment for the Mine Design Computer Lab, a substantial upgrade of the Rock Engineering Laboratory and the establishment of the Gold Fields Associate Lectureship programme. Gold Fields also funds bursaries and provides engineering students with vacation work.
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Futyana Bakery

Futyana Bakery   As part of its commitment to local economic development, Gold Fields identifies individuals in the community who can be empowered to startup their own small businesses. An example is Monde Boyce’s Futyana Bakery that received an investment of more than one million rand from Gold Fields. The bakery has created employment for 16 individuals from the community and produces bread, raisin buns and mini loaves. The bakery currently supplies Gold Fields KDC hostels and the surrounding community with around 2300 loaves of bread and 2500 raisin buns per day.  It also supplies between 4000 and 5000 mini loaves every weekend.
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Gold Fields Careers Day 2012

Careers Day 2012   Gold Fields Business and Leadership Academy visited 14 local community schools and selected the top 20 mathematics and science matric students with an interest in mining and engineering to attend a career day at Gold Fields. The students were split into 2 groups, one visiting an underground training mock-up and the other group attending an engineering workshop. Students were exposed to various aspects of the mining process, and gained a practical understanding of the many career opportunities that exist in the gold mining industry.
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Food Garden

Food Gardens   Gold Fields has partnered with the community to transform a small vegetable garden with about 6 plants into a Food Garden with 68 employees, proper irrigation and around 70000 plants.  Basic training was given to community members in managing soil, planting seedlings, using fertilizers and controlling pests.  The community supports the Food Garden by buying produce, and surplus food is given to the elderly, sick and orphaned.
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Kagisano Garment Manufacturing

Kagisano Garment Manufacturing   One of Gold Fields’s local economic development initiatives is an investment in a local sewing and embroidery concern run mostly by women, many of whom are HIV positive. According to Manager Thembi Sguola the company received 19 sewing, 4 embroidery and 2 cutting machines from Gold Fields and is now producing clothing for the community, including school uniforms. According to Monica Msindo, this business has given many of the HIV positive employees a new sense of hope and belonging in the community.
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Working with our communities

Working with our communities   Gold Fields has embarked on a massive drive to develop skills for community members. Nine key SETA approved skills including building homes, electrical competency, sewing and gardening are being offered in collaboration with the local municipalities in the area.
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Thusano Share Trust

Tusana Share Trust   Gold Fields’ Employee Share Ownership Programme (ESOP) scheme in South Africa was launched in November 2010. Some 47,100 employees at our South African operations received shares of Gold Fields’ SA operations (GFIMSA) and now own 10.75% of GFIMSA. No payments for the shares were required and employees immediately received dividend payments in line with other shareholders.

The employees under the ESOP scheme have up to date (October 2012) received R76 million in dividends.
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An Overview Socio-economic investment in Ghana

Overview  of  the Ghana social economic interventions   This video is an overview of some of the social projects undertaken by Gold Fields Ghana in the communities surrounding its Damang operation. The Nana Amoakwah School, Cassava and Palm Oil processing initiatives, and the Damang Clinic are featured.
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Promoting Socio-ecenomic Development in Ghana

Promoting Ghanain social economic development   Peet van Schalkwyk, Executive Vice President of Gold Fields West Africa Region, discusses how Gold Fields is promoting socio-economic development through its Foundation Fund. The fund supports education through scholarship programmes, the building of schools and teacher’s quarters, as well as contributing an entire Geology wing to the local university in Tarkwa. The Foundation Fund has invested in clinics and built nurse’s quarters in Ghana, it has developed water supply systems and invested in small businesses to support fishing and palm oil production.
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A special focus on Gold Fields operations in Ghana

Gold Fields special focus on its operations in Ghana   This is a visual snapshot of Gold Fields operations in Ghana. The video highlights Gold Fields Tarkwa and Damang mines, with a special focus on how they are contributing to local economic development.
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Ghana Sustainable Mining

Ghana Sustainable Mining   At Gold Fields Ghana, sustainable gold mining is more than making a profit. It also means helping to develop the communities near our operations. Guided by community leaders, we are building schools, university wings and clinics, develop small town water supplies and train local farmers in new techniques.
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Ghana Shai Hills

Ghana Shai Hills   Gold Fields Ghana is helping to develop the Shai Hills Savannah Nature Reserve. Currently a sanctuary for interesting animal and birdlife, the reserve, a cultural heritage site, is expected to bring much needed tourism to the area.
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The reality and impact of artisanal and small-scale mining

  Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) plays an important role in rural development, bringing much-needed economic activity to communities. However, it is unregulated and carries significant risks, polluting the natural environment, employing child labour and causing the death of hundreds of small-scale miners in Ghana each year. This video outlines the reputational risk it carries for Gold Fields, and the ways in which the company is working with key stakeholders to formalise a global strategy on ASM to add value to small-scale miners who legally and responsibly.
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Tarkwa Mine’s new water treatment plants

  In August 2012 Gold Fields commissioned the construction of two water treatment plants to Tarkwa’s North and South Heap Leach facilities to improve the quality of water for discharge and optimise reuse of water. This video provides detail on the structure, process and benefits of the new treatment plant at Tarkwa.
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Community projects at Tarkwa Mine

  Investment in local communities plays a key role in Gold Fields’ vision of being the global leader in sustainable gold mining. This video provides detail on some of the company’s many investments in local community projects, including education, alternative livelihood programmes and sanitation and water hygiene projects for communities in its areas of operation.
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Mechanised borehole for Tebe community

  As part of its commitment to being a global leader in sustainable gold mining, Gold Fields Ghana makes a significant contribution to the upliftment and social development of local communities. This video outlines some of the community projects being conducted at the Tarkwa Mine. They include investment in education, job creation through alternative livelihoods, water and sanitation, and infrastructural development.
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Mechanised borehole for Tebe

  50% of Ghana’s major rivers have poor quality water and over 17 000 people die each year as a direct result of poor water, sanitation and hygiene. This video outlines Gold Fields Ghana’s investment in a mechanised borehole in Tebe. Serving the local community, the borehole means that people no longer have to walk up to 6km a day to fetch fresh water.
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Australia   10 Years in Australia

Celebrating 10 years of sustainable mining operations in Australia. The video traces the lives of 3 employees in their respective careers at our operations and their views on being part of the Gold Fields global community.
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South America

Peru   At Gold Fields La Cima we know that growth is only possible by working hand in hand with communities. Our sustainable development programmes, together with infrastructure development projects for the local communities, and the employment of local people and contractors, have been the three pillars of the social strategy. This has created strong goodwill for Gold Fields in the region and have allowed Cerro Corona to enhance its relationships with local communities.
Video length - 5m:52s