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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Shareholders are advised that the Company was informed today that in terms of paragraphs 3.63 - 3.74 of the Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited the following information relating to dealing in securities by directors of the Company be disclosed:

Shareholders are referred to the announcement released on SENS on 27 June 2014 regarding the zero cost collar hedging (“the Options”) transaction that was entered into by Ms. A L K Mogotsi, indirectly, (“the Seller”) on 26 June 2014. The Options were exercisable in 15 equal tranches, with exercise dates every two weeks, starting from 01 April 2016 and ending on 14 October 2016 (“the Period”) and the Seller has confirmed that all the Options relating to this transaction will be exercised at the put strike price.

Should the company’s share price, during the Period, exceed the put strike price then additional announcements will be made with reference to this transaction.

Director: Ms. A L K Mogotsi (non- Executive Director)
Date: 1 April 2016
Number of shares  7 500 000
Class: Ordinary Shares
Nature: Sale of ordinary shares and termination of the zero cost collar in respect of 7 500 000 ordinary shares in fifteen tranches of 500 000 each, two weeks apart, with in each case, a put strike price of 244 cents per share, and a call strike price of 300 cents per share, with exercise dates every two weeks commencing on 1 April 2016 and ending on 14 October 2016

Extent of Directors` interest: Indirect beneficial

Clearance has been received in terms of rule 3.66 of the JSE`s Listings Requirements in respect of the above transaction.

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River Group

05 April 2016

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